How to Print and Create a Correct Barcode Label according to your Different Applications?

Of Barcode Labels

All industries utilize different technology barcodes. All types of
barcodes have different storage capacities and variability to be reliable in
any type of industry. The main problem that makes you step back from better
efficiency is choosing the right barcode generator application for your
inventory control and stock management. To help you out in choosing the right
application for your business we suggest you use barcode generator software for
corporate edition

Generator Software

Barcode Designer Software for Corporate
Edition is a label design and barcode printing application available for
windows and Mac. It uses attractive and easy user interface design concepts to
allow users to quickly and simply create Address Labels, Inventory Tags, Price
Labels, and Business Name Cards. For creating barcode tags and labels for a
variety of business sectors, the program offers two barcode designing modes:
Quick Barcode Mode and Barcode Designing View Mode. Use it to quickly and
simple create barcode stickers.

The application comes with a variety of
1D and 2D barcodes and uses font technology to produce regularly used barcodes.
It also supports rectangle, ellipse, and line vector forms, as well as static
and dynamic text or barcode fields. With only a few taps, users will be able to
get barcode values, addresses, and contact information from Microsoft Excel and
Word, and have the data printed on barcode labels in seconds.

These Steps to Create and Print Barcode Labels:

Step 1: Download and Install Barcode Generator Software – Corporate Edition

Step 2: Launch the software and use Quick barcode Mode:

Ø  Select the Barcode font (Linear Barcode
or 2D Barcode) from Barcode Technologies and type

Ø  Assign barcode value, header, and footer
value. Customize your barcode with different barcode settings like
General setting, Font, Color, and Image settings. Align your barcode header and
footer and increase the density and height.

Ø  To create multiple barcodes at once Enable
Batch Processing Series feature.

§  Use the Custom Data Sheet option and
import an Excel file or Text file to the datasheet. Click on Create Series
and choose any one Create List option and start generating the
Sequential, Constant, and Random Series.

§  Use Created Data List and select your
created barcode value, barcode header, and footer list.

Step 3: Create barcode labels with Barcode Designing
view Mode:

Ø  Start creating your barcode labels or tags by
customizing Label Properties like General (Lael Shape, Name, size, etc.) and
Fill Background (Brush, Gradient, Transparent, image, etc.).

Ø  Design label with advance drawing tools like
Text box, signature, picture, barcode, label background, shapes, library
images, watermark, etc. Insert the barcode and double-click on it to
customize the properties
to change the technology and type.

Ø  Utilize batch processing and import wizard
to import all the valuable information to add on barcode labels and
generate multiple product labels in less time and effort.

Step 4: Save created barcode label:

Ø  Use the software’s inbuilt export feature
which enables you to export your designed barcode in a variety of formats
like images and PDF.

Step 5: Print barcode tags using print setting

Ø  Click on the application’s inbuilt Print
setting option and select print mode, define page properties, page margins, and
label size and spacing.

Ø  Print multiple barcodes by using print with
batch processing series feature.

Ø  Use the Print Preview option to see alignments
and size before printing.

Use Barcode Generator Software:

Ø  Design best quality barcodes of different sizes and colors

Ø  Allow user to create multiple barcodes with batch processing series

Ø  Create barcode tags and labels by importing data from excel and text
files in a few clicks

Ø  Software print created barcodes with the inbuilt print setting option by
the support of all major barcode specific or general printers

Ø  Software has an image cropping tool to crop single or multiple images at

Ø  Export your images in image format (JPG, PNG, BITMAP, TIFF, etc.), pdf
format, and also as a template for further use

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