Hair care projects in the beauty supply store

What are the items for hair care in the beauty supply store

1. Hair care projects

(1) Hot dyeing repair

After dyeing and perming, hair often becomes dry and discolored, making it easy to take shape. So, hair salons will open this project to repair customers’ hair.

(2) White hair turns black  in the beauty supply store

Turning white hair to black is a physiological therapy that fundamentally transforms white hair into black hair, not through external hair coloring.

(3) Preventing hair detachment and growth

The accelerated pace of modern life and the pressure and anxiety brought about by work has led to an increase in hair loss among people. The hair salon’s anti-detachment and hair growth project plays a role in hair fixation from scalp care and hair care.

(4) Removing oil and controlling debris

Oil and dandruff control refers to the fact that hair salons will choose oil or dandruff control care products based on your condition. Moreover, excessive oil production and dandruff are related to the amount of nutrition in the head. If the head is rich in nutrients, the hair and scalp will be healthier.

(5) Head scraping  in the beauty supply store

Head scraping is a kind of scraping. It is used to press the corresponding acupoints on the head to activate the cerebral cortex, press Baihui Point and Sishencong Point, increase memory and thinking ability, help relieve anxiety, stimulate hair follicles, reduce hair loss, stimulate hair regeneration, and promote white hair to become black. It has the effect of hair beauty and care.

(6) Scalp cleaning

Scalp cleaning refers to the deep cleaning of the scalp using specific products, techniques, and instruments. It mainly involves cleaning the aged keratin and debris accumulated at the hair follicles, keeping the hair follicles in a clean state, and reducing factors such as oil production and hair loss.

2. Hairdressing projects  in the beauty supply store

(1) Haircut

Hair cutting is one of the essential items for every hair salon, which helps to shorten and thin hair through trimming.

(2) Perm

Perm is a hairdressing method that can be divided into physical perm and chemical perm. Currently, the most commonly used method is chemical perm. The purpose of a perm is twofold: to make the hair richer and have a curly effect; To change the shape and direction of the hair.

(3) Dye hair

Hair dyeing is the use of plant pigments (such as avocado, nail grass, Polygonum multiflorum, etc.) or chemical pigments to dye hair into the desired color.

(4) Hair extension  in the beauty supply store

Hair extension is the process of connecting hair to one’s own real hair, instantly transitioning from short to long. The hair used for hair extension can be wigs or real hair.

(5) Coiling hair  in the beauty supply store

Hairdressing refers to the process of curling or tying hair. There are many methods for curling hair, including Korean curling, Japanese curling, Russian curling, and so on.

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