Horror movie news about Dance of the Dead

Dance of the Dead is a horror movie directed by Gregg Bishop and starring Jared Kusnitz and Greyson Chadwick. It was released in the United States on March 9, 2008.

The horror movie tells the story of zombies appearing at a high school dance in a small town.

At Xhosa High School in a small town, a dance party is about to start, and the fashionable men and women on the campus are carefully prepared, eager for a dreamy and romantic night. Several members of the sci-fi club, who are recognized as freaks in the school, visit the cemetery at night, but inadvertently wake up the terrifying zombies sleeping underground. For a time, the living dead climbed to the ground one after another, and the night of the town was full of terror and death. Soon, the zombie virus spreads to the school, and the dance is replaced by killing. Jimmy Dunn (Jared Kusnitz) is a student at Xhosa High School, who was screwed by his teacher for disrupting his appointment in class. When he was depressed, he found that the whole town had changed. In desperation, he joins forces with Kyle Grubin (Justin Welborn) and other “bad boys” to save the town. 

Horror Movie Dance of the Dead Reviews

Are zombies addicted to rock? …there really isn’t much to say about that. Let me first say that since these children encountered zombies, none of them remembered their parents or even had a phone number… All the great fathers and mothers burst into tears and said that the combat effectiveness of the coach is really outstanding, it is probably the kind of military-loving or even It’s a veteran. It’s the occasion when the Humvee came out. However, the zombies in this movie are really flexible, completely different from other slow ones. A group of teenagers also killed them without changing their faces and hearts~

Besides, the tomb guard was able to escape safely from so many zombies, and then came to the school to take care of the aftermath; everyone else was killed, but only this one was floating Walking around, it is estimated that the hidden master is not sent by the power plant… Then the power plant is Umbrella’s subordinate…

The joy of killing~ There is a lot of blood~ It looks like a no-brainer~ It is worth watching when it is worth entertaining.

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