About us

We are a design-driven luxury marketplace.

Established as well as upcoming Designers and brands are invited to list, launch, grow and nurture their creative ideas to life with the help of advanced tools available on our platform.

We think definition of luxury depends on each person’s own preferences. When you look at luxury products or experiences the underlying common theme is they are all mostly of exceptional quality. We can all agree that Quality does not come from just wishing for it. Artisans have to perfect their craft in some cases over generations (ex: Swiss watches, French wines, Italian designers, German Cars, Chinese silk, Indian Diamond cutters to name a few). Such pursuit of perfection provides all others with great experiences, comforts and indulgences.

The ultimate goal of seeking luxury is to live one’s life to the fullest abundance. Towards enabling this concept we are building an entire ecosystem for luxury products from every corner of the globe. Be sure to download our own private “social network app” on google play store. Build your brand, engage loyal fans and do all you desire to prosper.






Customer rating

“Highest quality hats, using heritage techniques.”

– Iswara

We live in one of the momentous periods of technological advancements. Some are hard to keep pace with even for technologists. As an entrepreneur my effort here is to provide you with tools to enable the journey little bit better for designers, brands, buyers, affiliates and marketers. Be sure to send us a message if would like to see any specific features.

To your success.

– Iswara