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The audience’s understanding of this action movie- Ferry

“Ferry” is an action movie directed by Cecilia Verheyden and starring Frank Lammers and Alice Sharp. The action movie will be released on May 14, 2021.

In 2019, a Dutch and Belgian police drama “Undercover” was broadcast. There are 10 episodes in total. The male lead in the action movie plays the underworld boss-Ferry. The potbellied middle-aged uncle is still more stylish. The overall response to the film is not inadequate. The second season will be broadcast in 2020, with still 10 episodes. The film was produced in 2021. It is the prequel to the show. In this film, the male protagonist-Ferry is not the boss, but a killer character of the original boss. He was forced to successfully kill the boss and others, and finally, he achieved the position of boss. This is also the origin of the title of “Undercover: The Rise of Ferry”, no wonder some people wonder why the title is called Undercover.

This action movie is the prequel to Netflix’s popular Dutch crime drama “Undercover” in 2019. The male protagonist Ferry Bouman is a notorious international DP tycoon who operates and manages one of the world’s largest chemical XTC (ecstasy) networks. This time the story tells the story before he became famous. Although the film is not a love movie, the director still tells a love story: Love can influence a person. It enriches people’s emotions. Not only is life more meaningful and eBay, but it also makes people afraid to lose.

The action movie story male protagonist Ferry Bouman ( Frank Lammers ) was middle-aged and served as a thug for a drug lord-Ralph Brink in Amsterdam. He lived well. At the same time, due to his poor relationship with his father, he empathizes with his boss Brink as his father.

Moreover, the action movie constantly shifts between bursts of violence and the love story between Ferry and Danielle, but the way it does is perfectly seamless. Director Cecilia Verheyden invests Ferry with enough time and space for the characters to breathe, and if you’ve watched the original series, this film offers you enough bits to leave you satiated. The only time the film falters is during the final moments when Ferry’s destiny takes a new course. Overall, though, this film is an enjoyable potboiler.

The action movie is a prequel to the 2019 Dutch crime drama “Undercover”, with the male lead “Ferry Borman” being an internationally notorious tycoon. This time it’s about the plot of his success and fame. Even if it’s not a romantic film, the director still tells a story of love: love can influence a person, it enriches their emotions, not only makes life more meaningful and enjoyable but also makes people afraid of losing.

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