How to use beauty supply store products to easily create exquisite makeup?

Why do some people, despite their average appearance, become a goddess through makeup? It is the use of cosmetics and makeup tools in the beauty supply store, through the correct makeup steps and techniques, to render, depict, and organize the facial features, and then achieve the purpose of beauty.

Foundation products

Basic foundation

Usually, pre-makeup creams or isolation creams in the beauty supply store are used, among which pre-makeup creams mainly have a cosmetic effect. After use, they can better apply makeup and make the makeup look more durable, making them suitable for creating long-lasting and delicate base makeup; The primary task of isolation cream is to isolate radiation and pollution, and it is suitable for people who go out on weekdays and face computers for a long time.

Foundation make-up products

Generally, products in the beauty supply store such as liquid foundation, BB cream, or air cushion cream will be used. Among them, liquid foundation is relatively thick, has a good moisturizing effect, and has a relatively heavy sense of makeup, especially suitable for mature skin over 30 years old; BB cream has a relatively dry texture, fast makeup application speed, good ductility, and focuses on the effect of lightweight and natural nude makeup, suitable for daily use by young girls.

Concealer products

Generally, concealer, concealer, concealer pens, concealer trays, and other products in the beauty supply store will be used. Among them, concealer cream is thick and has a good covering effect, but it is easy to make up in summer, and should not be applied too thick; Although the concealer liquid has a relatively low concealer effect, it is relatively moist; The concealer pen is convenient to carry, and it is easy to cover local acne, basically just click it.

Makeup setting products

Generally, powder, loose powder, honey powder, makeup spray, and other products in the beauty supply store will be used. powder is mainly used to achieve a certain degree of concealer and adjust the overall skin color and texture; loose powder honey powder mainly aims to achieve oil control and makeup setting effects, and emphasizes a transparent makeup effect; Makeup setting spray is very convenient to use, convenient to carry and use at any time.

Foundation tools

Generally, makeup tools in the beauty supply store such as beauty egg, powder puff, and Makeup brush are used. Beauty egg is mainly used for liquid makeup products, as well as cleaning and makeup removal; The powder puff is mostly used for powder-like foundation products, which can be used to take foundation makeup and modify the makeup; The Makeup brush includes a foundation makeup brush, honey powder brush, etc., which are used for more professional makeup.

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