The audience’s understanding of this comedy movie- Paradise

This comedy movie is the directorial debut of the talented Hollywood screenwriter Diablo Coty (“Juno” and “Teen”). It is worth mentioning that the title of “Lamb of God” was previously reported by foreign media. The title of the film’s news was later changed to Paradise (Paradise). The film is produced by Mason Novick, the producer of 500 Days with Summer.

The comedy movie “Paradise” tells the story of the heroine who has experienced a disaster and doubts the religion she has always believed in, and resolutely embarks on a journey to find herself in Las Vegas, the sin city. This kind of healing movie has always been a small and fresh type, so the contrast brought by the drunken Las Vegas and the small and fresh story is the biggest attraction of this movie, but the result is disappointing.

Because no matter what you experience, or how much you go around, everyone’s perception and change is not based on meeting two new friends, going to the night market together, drinking a few drinks, and chatting with prostitutes in the bar toilet. The combination of an innocent girl and Las Vegas is such a chemical reaction that can produce a qualitative change. I don’t know if it is the director’s intention, or if we are too evil, but I understand the golden truth that I don’t understand and understand in the comedy movie.

Deborah Cody, the screenwriter of “Juno”, is not as good as a screenwriter this time as a director. The life truths she wants to convey through the comedy movie are instilled into the audience through the mouths of the characters, but this kind of teaching is like teaching. The general dogmatic experience is not what movie fans who go to the theater want, or that sentence, the audience is not stupid, and you don’t need to tell it through.

Everyone is a person with a comedy movie story, and they have also experienced hardships, but they are divided into different categories; everyone’s life is not easy, many people sit and watch the sky, cherish every experience and person, and do not do others, accept first It’s more meaningful to travel by yourself than those dry and hypocritical photo tours.

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