The secret of making best beauty more beautiful

The best beauty makeup skills

Isolation cream and pre-makeup cream are the same thing, which can be divided into three categories according to their functions: moisturizing, oil control, moisturizing, and pore filling. The use of pre-makeup milk can make foundation makeup more natural and durable. Make you the best beauty.

 You must apply enough sunscreen to be effective. If the sun protection is greasy and it is easy to rub mud with the follow-up makeup, you can gently press with a paper towel after waiting for the film to form to absorb the excess oil. However, it must be done gently, otherwise, it will damage the sunscreen. After foundation makeup is applied to the face, first spray a layer of set makeup spray and then use a sponge egg or powder puff to open the foundation makeup. foundation make-up will become very comfortable! In addition, you can also spray wet sponge eggs with set makeup spray. 

Best beauty makeup skills According to the principle of color complementation, dark circles with cyan and purple color can be covered with orange concealer, and red blood and red spot prints can be covered with green concealer. For oily skin that is easy to take off makeup, try to take a large amount of powder and put it on the parts that are easy to take off makeup, such as the right hand, nose, and forehead. After waiting for a few minutes, use a powder brush to remove the excess powder. These parts can maintain the makeup for a day. The cleaning of the brush is very important. The brush not only easy to hides dirt and dirt but also can absorb grease on the face when it is brushed on the face. As time goes by, the ability to smear powder will also decrease. Therefore, it is good for the face and cosmetics to develop the good habit of cleaning the brush regularly!

The best beauty makeup skills-Bright pink color can make white skin look lively; The bright ochre color system can be used by pale people to add ruddy charm; The pink color in the middle is suitable for the skin with a yellow face, which can show the health and best beauty of the skin!

Best beauty makeup skills-Lasting eyebrow makeup works best with eyebrow powder. If you must use an eyebrow pencil to draw the tip of the eyebrow, you should use oil-absorbent paper to dry the grease in advance. After tracing the eyebrow with an eyebrow pencil, you must brush a thin layer of loose powder, so as to keep the eyebrow makeup lasting. Another secret is to use eye black to shape the eyebrows. Transparent mascara or slightly dry brown eye black is the best.

Best beauty makeup skills-Before going to bed, use the cheapest cotton pad and makeup water to completely soak it, and then apply it on your face for 20 minutes, three times a week, and your skin will be surprisingly bright and clear.

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