The function of baking cream in the beauty supply store near me

Baked cream in a beauty supply store near me

Baked cream is a kind of gel or cream product made of antistatic agents or softeners and various hair conditioners. It can quickly create a radiant makeup effect like color makeup. After baking, you can immediately see the improvement in hair, but this improvement is short-term. After a period of time, with the impact of shampoo, sun exposure, pollution, and other conditions, the hair returned to its original appearance. Of course, for women who love beauty, using baking cream in a beauty supply store near me to repair their hair is a good way. It can make up for the lack of nutrients delivered to the hair by the hair follicle, absorb nutrients through the scaly surface of the hair, give sufficient nourishment to the hair, and make the hair darker and brighter.

The function of tinting the hair

Regular baking oil can help improve fragile and damaged hair quality, form a protective layer on the hair, and make the hair more elastic and brighter. If you do not maintain your hair well, then the sun and wind will affect the health of your hair. Over time, your hair may dry and split. If you use baking cream to protect your hair in advance, you can make it stronger and stronger without worrying about dry and split hair. After dyeing, you can also use baking cream to protect your hair, which can not only make your hair smoother but also make your hair brighter. Of course, even after curing with baking cream in a beauty supply store near me, the hair color will still fall off after a period of time. There will be static electricity in the hair in winter, especially when combing the hair, it is easy to entangle the hair. Protect your hair with baking cream to prevent static electricity.

What is the harm of baking cream in a beauty supply store near me

Baked oil is used for hair care by physical methods, and its operation process is not harmful. However, the chemical substances in the baked oil cream may cause harm. If the chemical lubricant matrix in the baking cream is left on the hair, it will cause the hair to become soft. These lubricants can prevent hair friction, reduce physical damage and bring obvious benefits to hair. However, the baking cream may contain harmful elements such as lead and mercury. Long-term use will cause damage to the human body as the scalp penetrates into the hair follicles and even into the blood, resulting in physical lesions. Therefore, do not use baking cream frequently to care for the hair.

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