Differences in beauty supply near me moisture content

1. Differences in beauty supply near me appearance

Lip glaze is usually liquid-filled packaging with a long cylindrical shape. As the product is liquid, it usually comes with a lip brush. Beauty supply near me Lipstick is packaged in round tubes and is solid.

2. Differences in beauty supply near me texture

The basic ingredient of lipstick is Vaseline, which is solid, and its texture is drier and harder than that of lip glaze. The advantage of lipstick is that its color saturation is good, and its color coverage is strong. The corresponding disadvantage is also very obvious, which is that applying it to the lips is not moisturizing enough, making it difficult to have the feeling of a watery and chubby lip.

Lip glaze is a liquid product with a relatively thick texture. It’s just a combination of lipstick and lipstick, with high color saturation, which also makes the lips look very moist. And the durability of lipstick is very high~

3. Differences in beauty supply near me moisture content

Most lipsticks are not very moist, but in addition to the dry velvet lipstick, there are more moisturizing lipsticks, but you still need to apply lipstick before makeup. Lip glaze products are more viscous, moist, and less prone to lip lines.

4. Differences in beauty supply near me the color saturation

Lipstick has a high color saturation, and strong color coverage, and is easy to apply. However, moist lipstick has a relatively poor color saturation and may not look realistic enough. Lip glaze has a bright and glossy color, which is several times higher than the color saturation of lip gloss. Lip glaze should be painted multiple times to prevent fading after being semi-dry. If you prefer a matte finish, you can gently sip it with a tissue to create a beautiful matte color, which is full and full regardless of color.

5. Differences in beauty supply near me persistence

When it comes to durability, it must be lip glaze that has better durability. It is definitely a lip glaze that can preserve bright lip color for a long time. Lipstick, even velvet lipstick with high color saturation, can easily fade when stained with the cup.

6. Differences in beauty supply near me usage methods

Lip glaze must be applied with a lip brush, so it is usually included with the lip brush. Lipstick can be applied directly to the makeup, or a brush can be used to apply lipstick to outline the lips before applying color.

Another thing is lip dye: lip dye is a newly developed type of liquid-based lipstick with strong fluidity. When used, it feels light and not heavy, without any greasy feeling. Usage: Lip dye is a pure liquid with strong fluidity and can be pushed open and smudged by oneself. Therefore, when applying, there is no need to use a lip brush to apply a large area. Just apply a few points at the center of the lips, and then use your fingers to spread it open. This way, the effect of applying will be more natural, not too dark in color, and can also create the most popular lip-biting beauty supply near me.

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